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More changes, same game

So my last post made it seem that I would be moving back into engineering. I have every intention of fulfilling my new job position and break out my code editor once again. However, after two month of ‘transitioning’ I started to wonder when the full monty was going to happen. Long story short, the transition to the new job was kaboshed, killed, denied… I am not sure if I would have found out had I not inquired, but regardless, I am back to working with clients again and architecting solutions. I am still gainfully employed, so you won’t hear me complain.

I am still working on my Javascript games. It is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated thought. I am moved to use CraftyJS, which is a component based framework. My object oriented background is clashing severely with this new method and I have had to relearn many basic techniques with component based programming. Nothing new to show, I am hoping for a rush of free time when I am done with graduate school to be able to pick up a lot of my old programming projects. Oh, and if you are planning on doing any sort of Javascript or web programming with HTML, CSS, or PHP I highly recommend Aptana. It has really come a long way. It used to be a sucky customized Eclipse editor, but it has really started to come out on its own.  Of course if you program everything in VIM, then Aptana won’t interest you..

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Oneric right around the corner, vpn woes

So according to the countdown timer, we have about a day left until Oneric (Ubuntu 11.10) goes gold and there is a mad rush to download it and complain about Unity. The problem for me is that I have a feeling I will never get to enjoy the new release. At work they recently moved to a new two-factor authentication system where first a certificate is traded then you auth with the usual u/p creds. Great..

First problem, vpnc has been working fine for me, but won’t work with the new scheme. I recompiled vpnc to support ssl certs, but after running it I found it only supports a hybrid client-only cert mode. Not compatible with the new vpn.

Second problem, I can’t get a 64-bit version of the official Cisco vpn client. The Cisco client does support certificate exchange, but I can’t find a 64-bit version that works. I was using this site, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. Then once I get the ipsec module compiled and installed, when I try to connect to it with the vpnclient, it dies a nasty death that takes the whole networking subsystem with it. Only a reboot can get my networking running again.

So what are my options? I am going to request a MacBook, but they take the better part of a year to get. So that means I will have to boot into Windows to use any company resources that require a vpn to access. I can still run Linux when I am at the office, but I end up needing a vpn much, it might become a major pita if I have to keep switching back and forth.

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First full week (5 days) of bike commuting

Today marked the first full 5 days span of workdays that I have commuted to work via bike. I just beat the rain again today, last week I wasn’t so successful. I hit the hardest rain half way to work and vice-versa on the way home. I got soaked, and so did my bag, I am just glad I didn’t decide to pack my laptop.

I have been using a tiny Jansport biking bag to carry all my stuff to and from work, but I am finding it extremely tight to fit everything. I have been reading reviews and looking for a good biking pack that would 1) Fit everything I wanted to carry [laptop,work clothes,lunch,small woodland creatures]; 2) Be weather/water-proof since I am continually getting caught in the rain. After looking and reading reviews, this is the bag I decided to order. I will write a mini-review when I get it.

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