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Lapdock 500

Ever since Motorola came out with the Atrix and the original lapdock I have been enamored with the idea of a ‘pocket computer.’ Not so much the idea of having computer in my pocket, I was doing that with my old Texas Instruments calculator 15 years ago. More the idea of having the computer I could do daily computeree stuff with, check my email, play a game, create an office know the drill. My first foray into the lapdock was a disaster, it was slow, clunky, and didn’t do more than run Firefox..poorly. My RAZR was upgraded to ICS over the weekend and with it came the upgrade to Webtop 3, and let me say it is a whole new experience.

Gone is the old mini-Linux disto that would have to boot up and hog all the memory only to run a single Webtop application. Now Android switched to tablet mode and most of the zip of the phone is still there. Applications now stretch to fill the screen and the particularly smart applications switch to a tablet mode to take advantage of the expanded screen size. There are still some bugs with the system, for example the touchpad doesn’t disable when I am typing so every couple of words the cursor jumps around and I am suddenly typing someplace else. The system can become a little slow at times, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t encounter with a netbook.

I have been customizing my new Webtop and playing with it to determine its capabilities and I am continually impressed with how far it has come since 2.0. If Motorola keeps this up I see the Webtop becoming a huge selling point for Motorola phones. At least…it will be for me 🙂 Oh, and this post was done on the lapdock with the WordPress for Android app.

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