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The experiment goes on

In my previous post I started a project/experiment to create a simple Java Rest client. I immediately found that I would need a simple service that didn’t do much in order to test it properly. So that is leading to another part of the project, the simple PHP service. I started writing what I thought would be a pretty simple generic PHP service, then it hit me…I suck at PHP. No really, I haven’t done it in a while, and even then I wasn’t highly proficient. So I scrapped the whole idea and decided that someone out there in the interweb must have created a simple PHP rest service thinger. As it turns out, I was right

This project was super simple and did everything I needed it to do. Predefined service routes and responses. Yes, I could shoe-horn it into doing a lot more, but I don’t need that. Just something easy to create and modify service responses to test my simple client with.

I guess after all this I have to say that the old mantra of Unix coding is really starting to die out. “Make each program do one thing well” It seems everyone is so concerned with creating programs that do everything for everyone, they don’t do anything very well.

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Why should you pay for a free service?

I am always asking myself this, why would I pay for a free service? Services like Pandora and Passpack to name two that I use A LOT. I choose to pay for both of these services since I utilize them on such a regular basis. Does the free plan fulfill my needs, yes. However, I have to look at it in the light of how much convenience and usefulness the service has provided me. If the usefulness is less than the minimum amount for a membership with the service, I don’t pay. If the usefulness is more than the minimum subscription then I really have no problem paying for it. Pandora is $36 per year and we listen to it constantly around the house. Passpack is $18 per year and I use it at least 10 times a week.

The small amount you pay for a service keeps the service going and supports the free memberships. I don’t resent the people that use a free service without paying for it. I think most people either: 1) Don’t find the service as useful as I do and thereby don’t feel a need to pay for it; 2) Too cheap to dish out for a free ride; 3) It never really occurred to them to pay for the free meal they get, everything on the internet is free right? (a lot like #2). There might be more reasons, but that’s all I can come up with right now 😀

I guess my reasoning to pay for free services is really just a personal preference. I enjoy these services and hope they continue to provide a quality product that fills a need/want in my life. If I can keep them going for $36 a year, then I really don’t see a downside to it.

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