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On to Vala and Gnome!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly due to this time sucking thing called life oddly. Regardless I wanted to start talking about something that has really lit a fire under me to start doing some hobby programming. It’s called Vala and coming from a long background of Java it’s been really easy to pick up.

I use the Diodon clipboard manager extensively and it’s missing some features I would really like. As with any industrious programmer I though “how hard can it be to add that feature myself?” So I started digging through the source code of Diodon and found it uses the great libpeas plugin system. So I immediately begin hacking together my first plugin. Without too much cursing I was able to get the basics of a plugin together. I will post it to the site once I have it in a more useable state.

I am planning on putting my travels to learn Vala as a series of articles. I am finding examples of vala code hard to come by so I’ll add my wandering to the mix in the hope it will help someone out.

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More changes, same game

So my last post made it seem that I would be moving back into engineering. I have every intention of fulfilling my new job position and break out my code editor once again. However, after two month of ‘transitioning’ I started to wonder when the full monty was going to happen. Long story short, the transition to the new job was kaboshed, killed, denied… I am not sure if I would have found out had I not inquired, but regardless, I am back to working with clients again and architecting solutions. I am still gainfully employed, so you won’t hear me complain.

I am still working on my Javascript games. It is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated thought. I am moved to use CraftyJS, which is a component based framework. My object oriented background is clashing severely with this new method and I have had to relearn many basic techniques with component based programming. Nothing new to show, I am hoping for a rush of free time when I am done with graduate school to be able to pick up a lot of my old programming projects. Oh, and if you are planning on doing any sort of Javascript or web programming with HTML, CSS, or PHP I highly recommend Aptana. It has really come a long way. It used to be a sucky customized Eclipse editor, but it has really started to come out on its own.  Of course if you program everything in VIM, then Aptana won’t interest you..

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Nothing like those ole’ midnight deploys

…*sigh, yeah, that what I am doing right now. Pining for midnight, fingers itching to hit the send button on the email to the admins to deploy the tag to the production servers. 57…58…59…MIDNIGHT, rock and fire!

Now I just wait while the admins do their things, and watch the ‘The web site is down’ alert messages from our hyperactive monitoring software. Yeah, thanks Chip..

Whee, the app is back online. QA … go get ’em


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