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PlayonLinux FTW!

This is just cool. I was messing around trying to get an old Windows game to work with Wine on Linux. I wasn’t making a lot of progress, I kept having to start the setup, crash, tweak something in Wineconfig, try setup again, crash, tweak something more. Finally the game installed, but then I had issues playing it. More tweaking Wine. Well, I think you can see where this is going.

Most of the information I was getting on tweaking Wine was from the forum. For the most part the advice was good but there was a learning curve to figure out what the people were talking about when they say you need to use certain libraries, and override this or that and install this from winetricks. Anyway, the whole process was long, convoluted, and error prone. Then someone mentioned playonlinux. I had never heard of this, so being the naturally curious person I am I Google it and found their website. Hmm, it looks like simple wrapper script for Wine. WTH, I will give it a try and see if it simplifies my life at all.

I added the Ubu repo’s and installed it. So far so good. I found my game in the list and hit ‘install.’ Wow, the installer went without a hitch, that was easy. There is no way the game is just going to work, after-all, I couldn’t get it running under vanilla Wine. So I double clicked the icon it put on the desktop crashed.. heh, of course.. Not being the most intelligent person on the planet, I thought I would just give it another try. Double click, and… it worked. I was on the main screen, well… there is no way the game is going to work. So I hit play..and..I..can’, it worked..and it worked really well. I bumped the resolution up to native res for my LCD, and…that worked too!

So there you go. Check it out, it works for more than just games too.

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