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I’ve been going through a series of tutorials on on the Laravel web framework. I was skeptical of Laravel at first since I’ve tried CakePHP and Yii and was less than impressed with their weight, speed and ease of use. If I am going to use a framework, I don’t just want an alternate way to do what I can already do in PHP with slightly less code. Seriously, CRUD operations are the backbone of dynamic web apps, this should be no less than 1-2 lines of code to make this happen. Laravel does this, and it does even more as I dig deeper. It’s like.. oh, I dunno, the creator of Laravel actually uses it to make websites? Some framework creators are very good at conceptual designs and academic discussions on why their design is best, but they fall apart at the actual implementation part. I might as well just reinvent the wheel with every project rather than use a framework for the sheer joy of using that framework. Ok, well I could go on for hours on that.

So whats with the constant updates to WordPress? I am glad they have automatic update now though, I run some Drupal sites and got bit hard with the zero day exploit about 3 months back where all Drupal sites were hacked simultaneously. Without the WordPress auto updater, all the other sites I run on WordPress would have probably been hacked as well. So thank you for that, WordPress devs.

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The experiment goes on

In my previous post I started a project/experiment to create a simple Java Rest client. I immediately found that I would need a simple service that didn’t do much in order to test it properly. So that is leading to another part of the project, the simple PHP service. I started writing what I thought would be a pretty simple generic PHP service, then it hit me…I suck at PHP. No really, I haven’t done it in a while, and even then I wasn’t highly proficient. So I scrapped the whole idea and decided that someone out there in the interweb must have created a simple PHP rest service thinger. As it turns out, I was right

This project was super simple and did everything I needed it to do. Predefined service routes and responses. Yes, I could shoe-horn it into doing a lot more, but I don’t need that. Just something easy to create and modify service responses to test my simple client with.

I guess after all this I have to say that the old mantra of Unix coding is really starting to die out. “Make each program do one thing well” It seems everyone is so concerned with creating programs that do everything for everyone, they don’t do anything very well.

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