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Why should you pay for a free service?

I am always asking myself this, why would I pay for a free service? Services like Pandora and Passpack to name two that I use A LOT. I choose to pay for both of these services since I utilize them on such a regular basis. Does the free plan fulfill my needs, yes. However, I have to look at it in the light of how much convenience and usefulness the service has provided me. If the usefulness is less than the minimum amount for a membership with the service, I don’t pay. If the usefulness is more than the minimum subscription then I really have no problem paying for it. Pandora is $36 per year and we listen to it constantly around the house. Passpack is $18 per year and I use it at least 10 times a week.

The small amount you pay for a service keeps the service going and supports the free memberships. I don’t resent the people that use a free service without paying for it. I think most people either: 1) Don’t find the service as useful as I do and thereby don’t feel a need to pay for it; 2) Too cheap to dish out for a free ride; 3) It never really occurred to them to pay for the free meal they get, everything on the internet is free right? (a lot like #2). There might be more reasons, but that’s all I can come up with right now 😀

I guess my reasoning to pay for free services is really just a personal preference. I enjoy these services and hope they continue to provide a quality product that fills a need/want in my life. If I can keep them going for $36 a year, then I really don’t see a downside to it.

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