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The experiment goes on

In my previous post I started a project/experiment to create a simple Java Rest client. I immediately found that I would need a simple service that didn’t do much in order to test it properly. So that is leading to another part of the project, the simple PHP service. I started writing what I thought would be a pretty simple generic PHP service, then it hit me…I suck at PHP. No really, I haven’t done it in a while, and even then I wasn’t highly proficient. So I scrapped the whole idea and decided that someone out there in the interweb must have created a simple PHP rest service thinger. As it turns out, I was right

This project was super simple and did everything I needed it to do. Predefined service routes and responses. Yes, I could shoe-horn it into doing a lot more, but I don’t need that. Just something easy to create and modify service responses to test my simple client with.

I guess after all this I have to say that the old mantra of Unix coding is really starting to die out. “Make each program do one thing well” It seems everyone is so concerned with creating programs that do everything for everyone, they don’t do anything very well.

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Simple Java Rest Client

I added a new page for my newest experiment. I had to create a very simple REST client for a project that couldn’t depend on any outside libraries, just the standard Java EE libs. I got it build and functioning, but it’s pretty barebones right now. It was a good learning experience and I plan to continue that, making it more functional and complete. The goals of the experiment are:
1. It will be a single java file
2. It will not depend on anything other than the standard Java libraries
3. It will handle HTTP and HTTPS
4. It will handle all standard HTML responses in a logical fashion (thats open to interpretation right now)
5. It won’t suck…

Well thats all I have right now. Check the project out here if you want.

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And now a Mac

I’ve been complaining that I can’t run Linux at work since they moved to the new VPN. I’ve tried time and again to get it to work but it is a proprietary system that only has a client for OSX and Winders. I’ve been using Win7, which all in all isn’t too bad, for about the last year. I was talking with one of the newer guys that got a shiny new MacBook Pro when he started about building our project. I told him that when I kick off a build I generally have about 17 minutes of browsing the web time since the build process basically renders the computer almost unusable. He was dumbfounded that it too me 17 minutes to build our project because it only took him around 3 minutes for a full clean and build. Surely he was misinterpreting what I was doing, there is no way the build times could be that different, hey, it’s all just Java.. Sure enough, he showed me and the project built faster than I had ever seen.

He started up IntelliJ in less than 20 seconds and I got pissed. Usually when I get in in the morning the first thing I do is start up IntelliJ, then I go get coffee, go to the bathroom then commando crawl back to my desk just in time for IntelliJ to have started up and begun indexing my project. I immediately put in a request for a Mac.

I got my shiny new MacBook Pro a couple weeks later and eagerly started setting up my development environment on it. I gleefully flipped the bird at my old PC every time I ran the native command line or built one of my projects. So far everything has been going swimmingly, I have completely transferred all my work to the Mac and I’ve been working off it exclusively for the past couple of weeks. There are only a couple of things that make me raise and eyebrow about how the Mac works

1) What the hell did Apple do to the Unix file system?? What is this /Library and /System and other odd folders doing in my root? Best just to delete them since they look erroneous (joking.. don’t really do this, it really messes with your system)

2) Task switching, I know it’s a little nit picky, but I seriously can’t Cmd+tab to a minimized program? Why show it in the list if selecting it isn’t going to do anything.

3) Does everything seriously cost money on a Mac? I guess the notion of Free as in beer hasn’t made it’s way here yet. Yes, I’m a bit on the cheap side, but hey, I use a free operating system I’m not going to pay $5.99 for a better task switcher for my work Mac.

4) The command and control keys need to be put into a ring and only one of them gets out alive. Seriously Apple, which one is it going to be? It seems Apple wanted to replace the control key at a system level with command but all the application developers disagreed and continued to use the control key for all their shortcut commands. This is an area of endless frustration for me, it usually takes me 3 tried to copy anything then another 2 to paste it.

Thats it for now, I’ll be sure to post some more annoyances in the future. So far I like the Mac better than my PC, but it isn’t as perfect as the Mac fan-boys would lead you to believe.

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