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On to Vala and Gnome!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly due to this time sucking thing called life oddly. Regardless I wanted to start talking about something that has really lit a fire under me to start doing some hobby programming. It’s called Vala and coming from a long background of Java it’s been really easy to pick up.

I use the Diodon clipboard manager extensively and it’s missing some features I would really like. As with any industrious programmer I though “how hard can it be to add that feature myself?” So I started digging through the source code of Diodon and found it uses the great libpeas plugin system. So I immediately begin hacking together my first plugin. Without too much cursing I was able to get the basics of a plugin together. I will post it to the site once I have it in a more useable state.

I am planning on putting my travels to learn Vala as a series of articles. I am finding examples of vala code hard to come by so I’ll add my wandering to the mix in the hope it will help someone out.

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Ubuntu 11.04 is almost here

In light of the fact that Natty is almost ready for release, I have added the countdown timer to the side panel. I will, as tradition demands, forget about it until many months after the release has happened and the image become some odd amalgamation of Ubuntu advertising and proselytization, either that or a broken image. Either way, I usually remember to take the image down before the next scheduled Ubuntu release. Usually..

With 11.04 moving to use both Wayland AND Unity this is setting up to be one of the biggest releases Ubuntu has ever seen. The move away from is a monumental thing in itself, but then also replacing one of the mainstay Linux (Gnome,KDE,etc.) desktop environments with Unity is nothing less than playing software chicken. Either Ubuntu is going stay the course and the community will flinch and Unity/Weyland will become a standard, or Ubuntu will flinch and will have to backtrack with and Gnome, or a worst-case scenario, neither flinch and we end up with a smoldering pile of rubbish on both ends.

(note: yes, I know Unity is built on Gnome, and works similar to Gnome3, but it isn’t Gnome3, so my statement stands)

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