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Is this some huge secret?

I work with the Cub scouts. I created them a Gmail address. I tried to create a Picasa web album to hold all the pictures from the various events. I couldn’t do this until I had an active profile in Google+. So I created a G+ account under the name ‘Scout Pack 349’. Ooops. Little did I know, Google suspends accounts that do not use real names. My bad. Now let change my name and I will be on my merry way. Well, low and behold I can’t just change it, my account is suspended. The G+ page says my account is suspended and I need to go to my profile page and change my name. While the profile page says my account is suspended and I can’t access this page. WTF!? So I start scouring the web for some means to appeal my suspension, buried deep in a Google group post I finally find an name appeal form. Wow.. thanks for making it easy Google, and by easy I mean a total PITA.

If your account is suspended go to this URL and appeal the validity of your name:

I am not sure why this isn’t just linked to on the suspension page, that would make sense.

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Wow, Gmail motion wrocks!

I logged into Gmail this morning and I was looking over my inbox when I just happened to scratch my nose. Oddly, a new message was created addressed to my top most mailed addresses. What an glitch I thought. Then I ran my fingers through my hair and Gmail created a new label “80’s Hair Bands” and applied it to the message I was reading. Wow! Gmail is behaving very strange this morning! Then I tried experimenting with other motions, and sure enough they produced other effects in Gmail. I found ways of forwarding all my junk mail to family members with only a flick of my wrist, and marking all my inbox messages as spam with a nod of my head. I found out that I was using Gmail Motion! This has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, no strike that, the greatest thing since AdBlock Freedom!

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