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Javascript gaming

I have a new hobby taking up what little free time I have these days. I tried for a couple of years to get into Java games, I created a couple of my own but I never really finished anything because I would run into issue that I wasn’t sure how to overcome. They eventually became show-stoppers for the game and I eventually lost interest. Most of the issues were around desktop performance and Java GUI programming, both subjects I have little exposure to in my 12 years of client/server based development. I suppose I could have buckled down and learned it but in all honesty I wasn’t very interested in learning Swing or AWT.

Then I stumbled on CraftyJS. It is a Javascript game library that streamlines creating games in the browser. I have only been using it for a week but I am already further than I was after a year of working in Java on the same game idea. It is really easy to create simply games very quickly, and the best of all the GUI programming is HTML/CSS its almost as easy as developing a web page.

I have big plans for my game idea, but I think first I am going to create some little one-off games to get my feet under me.

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