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First full week (5 days) of bike commuting

Today marked the first full 5 days span of workdays that I have commuted to work via bike. I just beat the rain again today, last week I wasn’t so successful. I hit the hardest rain half way to work and vice-versa on the way home. I got soaked, and so did my bag, I am just glad I didn’t decide to pack my laptop.

I have been using a tiny Jansport biking bag to carry all my stuff to and from work, but I am finding it extremely tight to fit everything. I have been reading reviews and looking for a good biking pack that would 1) Fit everything I wanted to carry [laptop,work clothes,lunch,small woodland creatures]; 2) Be weather/water-proof since I am continually getting caught in the rain. After looking and reading reviews, this is the bag I decided to order. I will write a mini-review when I get it.

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