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Rooted my droid

So I couldn’t resist the temptation to root my droid any longer. I have been running the stock ROM since I first got it around Christmas ’09. I was perfectly content to just use what was given to me on my phone, besides, with what I was paying Verizon, I didn’t want to chance bricking the phone and be left with an early term fee or having to buy a new phone.

So there I sat for 14 months content with mediocrity. Then I read this article on Lifehacker and my curiosity overwhelmed my better judgement. To say that the stock ROM on my droid was running slow say, rather an understatement. I am not sure if I had installed too much stuff, or there were too many background programs running, all I knew is it routinely took more than 45 seconds when I switched from an application back to the desktop for me to be able to see the desktop icons…definitely not within my realm of patience.

So I took the dive and first rooted my phone with the SuperOneClick. I DID have to reboot into Windows for this, because the program only ran there and Wine couldn’t find my phone (again, fears of bricking made me err on side of caution). After NOT click the ‘Install Drivers’ button and spending a good 20 minute refusing to read the instructions, I realized my error and before I knew it SuperOneClick had rooter my phone.

Next I rebooted and installed ClockworkMom ROM manager. I downloaded the most recent MIUI zip and transferred it to the SD card. Selected the zip file in ROM Manger and rebooted. After a lengthy back-up of the stock ROM and install of the new MIUI ROM, it was done.

A couple of things I noticed immediately that were probably obvious to more experience rooters.. not sure what to call them. First off, HOLY JUMPING JELLY BEANS, this thing is screaming fast! Faster than I ever remember the stock ROM being, and the user interactions are really snappy. I spent a good 5 minutes just flipping between screen to watch how quick everything was, score.

Second, even though I backed up all my application settings with Titanium backup pro, and I reinstalled some of my original applications (installing a new ROM means re-installing all your apps again, FYI :-0 ) I couldn’t restore my previous settings, bummer, looks like I will have to redo all those Angry Birds levels.

Third, this should really be the default GUI for droid, it looks incredible, everything si extremely well polished, usually there are little things that escaped the programmers but I have only found 1 very minor graphical oops. No kidding, this ROM is really good looking, usage of transparencies and gradients really sets this apart.

I highly recommend people give MIUI a try, especially those with pokey first gen Droids that are waiting for their contracts to be up so they can get some new hotness of a phone (*cough Atrix *cough)

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