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A sad day for ‘free speech’

So I’ve been following the story of Brendan Eich become CEO of Mozilla. Then the subsequent backlash by LGBT Mozilla employees over the hiring of this ‘hater’. In a related turn of events, the website OKCupid put a message on their main page if you browsed in with Firefox that you should use a different browser. So now amid the controversy, Brendan Eich has stepped down as CEO of Mozilla today. This is a sad day indeed for free speech.

Let’s flip this whole situation on it’s head and see how the loudmouths respond to this situation. A straight employee quits and a website prompts your to change you browser because a gay CEO was appointed to lead Mozilla. I think the criticism would be along the lines of ‘that poor CEO being attacked by all those bigots’. This may be surprising to some, but prejudice against a majority is still prejudice. Mr. Eich never imposed his beliefs on his employees nor did he publicly drive an anti-gay agenda. The guy gave $1000 to support proposition 8 in California, oh the horror. When did the ‘free’ in free speech come to mean, “as long as it agrees with the LGBT agenda”?

Let me say that I have a lot of respect for Mr. Eich as the founder of Javascript and as a technologist. However, I have to say I am saddened by his decision to step down as well. He should have weathered the storm and stuck with it. In a week or two the loud mouths with an ax to grind would have found something else to bitch about and he could have carried on with with his life.

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