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Let me introduce you to my little friends

I installed Linux on my workstation this week and I have been ‘rediscovering’ some useful apps.

First off, guake, yet another drop down terminal, but this one works surprisingly well. Its simple, but does just what it needs and nothing more. Apps like this are few an far between, since everyone tries to get their apps to rollover and fetch the newspaper too. Get this one if you use the terminal a lot.

Then there is Docky, I think I am just about the last person to have found this pretty and a useful system panel, a la OSX. Mac-ites should’t get all the cool apps.

And, why-oh-why does the default Ubuntu desktop come with Empathy rather than Pidgin for IM? I could go on about how incomplete and buggy Empathy is, but I think everyone already knows that…except for the Ubu-devs..

Maven, I think I know what this does..Its a..ahh, no, actually I am not even sure why I threw it in here. I have been it a lot lately and I am not sure if I am repulsed by it or intrigued..I have narrowed it down to either being the salvation of Java developers, or damnation wrapped in nicely formatted XML. I dunno, you decide..

Ok, so this list wasn’t nearly as long as I was thinking it was going to be..

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