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Javascript is home

I was hacking together a widget for a friend last night and I was having a blast. I totally forgot how much fun I have coding Javascript. I am not sure if its because it was the language I learned programming on, or if its the syntax. Javascript can be so easy or so amazingly complex that it caters to a much larger crowd than the compiled languages. There are a few nuances that annoy me, but what language doesn’t have that? None I have ever encountered.

We went out to Ringing Rocks State Park yesterday and I decided to try and pick up some Geocaches while we were in the area. There were still a lot of leaves on the ground and it made find the caches pretty much impossible. So it was a total no-win in there. My kids still don’t believe that these things even exist as I have never found one when I had them with me. 🙂

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Run Jeffrey Ruuuuun!

I participated in my first long distance (by my standards!) race last weekend. I ran one leg of a 21 mile race. My portion was about 4.5 miles. I was definitely there to make the slow people feel better about themselves, and naturally to make the upper half possible. But I did finish, and gave a 70 year old granny one heck of a run for her money when I decided to pour on the speed at the end. I have been running for about three months now, I am pushing over 3 miles a day now, which is a feat I am enormously proud of considering when I started I couldn’t even do a half a mile without having to stop to catch my breath. I am shooting to do my first 5K at the end of October, which, coincidently will be shorter than the leg I ran for the race I did last weekend..

I got a new GPS for my birthday! Thanks Mom and Dad, and Sis, and Teh Wife… They got me a Germin eTrex Legend Cx. A tiny little thing with a bright color screen. I took it out this weekend to see if it could locate the cache I couldn’t find with the Garmin GPS X, yup, it walked me right to it. For some reason the GPS X I borrowed from my Dad put me over 200 yards to the south of the cache, no wonder I didn’t find it. I am looking forward to going out again soon.

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The July 4th weekend

Back from my four day weekend and on station with my new job. First days are always rough as you are quickly inundated with information, and you spend most of the day just sorting through everything that is thrown your way during the day. It hasn’t been so bad really, there has been alot to read up on and some new technologies that I am excited to get my feet wet with. But I am sleepy today because we stayed up too late yesterday at the fireworks. I knew it was going to be rought today.

We went out looking for some caches this weekend and came home completely empty-handed! I was so disappointed! I had three picked out and not a one of them could be found. Those little microcaches can be difficult to spot, but I am new to it so I am still getting the hang of how everything works. There are lots of caches in the area so I should have pleanty more to practice on.

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A geocaching we will go..

I have been reading alot about Geocaching lately and I have really wanted to try it. So I borrowed my Dad’s Garmin GPS V and headed out with the family on our first cache hunt last night. (Yes, I know, I am a total geek, my wife reminds me pretty regular). We didn’t find the cache but we did have a lot of fun trapsing around the town with the boys. I went back to the spot where the coordinates marked the cache in the morning before work and found the cache! It was right under my nose the whole time.

We are headed out tonight possibly to find two more that are pretty close. We will have to take some pictures when we find the next ones.