Mark Shuttleworth names the next Ubuntu LTS, and invents new words

I have yet to update my desktop box to Trusty Tahir, or Ubuntu version 14.04 for those of us that raise an eyebrow at the rather bizarre code names. I’ve never really cared either way for what the versions were name but I do enjoy the set period of updates and the corresponding version number (ie. 14.04 == April 2014 release). I keep a passive eye on Mark’s blog for any news relating to Canonical or Ubuntu. After a release he usually names the next release or next LTS release or has something interesting to say. His newest entry was a bit odd in that I had to look up about 10 words he used, most of which don’t appear in the english dictionary, maybe I need to look in a South African dictionary.

Regardless, all hail Utopic Unicorn the next Ubuntu release (LTS?…I am not sure) I am setting aside some time this weekend to do the upgrade, here’s hoping for a seamless process

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