A new job, in a new place

I have kept my lip closed as of late about job hunting to protect the innocent. But the cat is out of the bag now. I have put in my two weeks and as of July 5th I will be a Software Engineer for Talk America in New Hope, PA. I was first in the running for a position at Lehigh University, but they couldn’t pay me what I needed to stay afloat. Its probably better this way too, TA pays much better then LU, so it means we will be out of debt faster, and there will be a fair bit more money coming in each month. (This is a VERY good thing)

The unfortunate circumstance of our present situation is that we have a cash flow problem, its not that our life style demands a higher paycheck, its that we are carrying alot of debt from when we first got married and even before (school loans!!) I have us on a plan to have most of it all paid off (not the mortgage tho 🙁 ) in about 3 years, but with the new job I am hopeful we might be able to abbreviate the plan a bit.

The new job has me going back to my Java roots. I won’t be doing as much low-level programming as I have been as of late, rather, I will be doing alot of the front end programming, leaving the business logic to the people that are infinitely better at it than I am. I just have to make things pretty.

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