Buy Roccat peripherals

When I built my current rig I actually had the hardest time trying to determine what to get for a keyboard and mouse. I wanted hardware that would be better than average but I didn’t want to pay the premium for the hardcore gaming keyboards and mice. I went to Bestbuy and tried everything they had, although most of it was either Microsoft or Logitech. The Logitech keyboards were nice but I really don’t like wireless peripherals since it annoys me to have to buy batteries every couple months. I am not a huge fan of mechanical keyboards because of the clackety-clack sound they make while I am typing, membrane keyboards are just fine for me.

When I started to investigate Linux support it because very clear that none of the manufacturers had given even a thought to supporting it. These top of the line keyboards with configurable hot keys and special bindings just flat-out wouldn’t work under Linux. There were some hobby projects that gave partial support to some of the hardware, but it either wasn’t hardware I was interested in or it was for hardware that was out of my price range. (I set a limit of $125 for both a keyboard and mouse) I was quickly running out of options until I ran across ROCCAT (sounds like row-cat, NOT rocket…I think) They had Linux support and their hardware was both above average and within my price range.

I ended up going with a ROCCAT Kova[+] mouse and ISKU keyboard. After 6 months of usage I have to say I have no complaints. The drivers are even updated periodically with bug fixes and new features. So there you go, next time you are looking for good peripherals, go with ROCCAT

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