Xubuntu Dapper take 1

Well phooey! I formatted and went for a relatively clean install of Xubuntu Dapper last night and the installer kept crashing. So it left me with a totally non-functional system, I think I am going to go through SSH withdrawl.

I am downloading the alternate CD so I can try a text based install. Them new-fangled gooeys jes don feel raght!

Mer and I are hopefully going to go to XMen 3 this weekend. Its one of the few movies I am pretty excited to see this summer. It looks like it has been doing pretty well in the box office ratings, so hopefully it won’t stink too much.

Netflix has made me a total Battlestar Galactica fanboy. I have been reading up on everything BSG I can find after watching the season 1 DVDs. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 2. Oh and if anyone can shed any light on the whole season 2 things with BSG I would appreciate it. Why does the season 2 DVD set only contain the first 10 episodes of season 2?? Where do I get the next 10 episodes? Is there like a season 2.1 set? Either way, its still one of the best scifi series going, probably the best I have ever seen.

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