And the beat goes on..

What is there to write about..hmm, nothing really. Summer is upon me and I am spending more time outside. All this fresh air is eroding my ability to sit in a chair coding for extended amounts of time. I am going to have to try and get back into ‘shape’ this fall.

Working on a total revamp of our company website. I am using a new framework for .NET called Cuyahoga. It has proven to be one of the best frameworks I have come across thus far. Its laid out really well and the developers have paid special attention to detail with the modularity of it all. You can strip it down to its core and utilize the base libraries or you can use the modules provided and have a decent site up and running in no time. I really like the idea that you can create multiple websites off of one instance. Multiple domain names, multiple look and feels, you can also use multiple themes within one site too. Now I just have to finish my theme for the company site.

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