Feeling like a fool

There is nothing like talking with someone and being made to feel like a total idiot. I was talking with a Senior Developer at another company and he was to gauge my technical ability by asking me some questions. Needless to say I did terrible. But I am convinced it wasn’t all just me being stupid. First, he called a day early. So I had start answering his questions as I walked in the door from getting out of my car. Second, I have never been good at understanding Indian accents, his was unusually thick and difficult to understand. The phone conversation was pretty much a total waste of time for both of us.

It spooked me enough to realize that I have gotten majorly lazy in my programming though. Most of the questions I knew, but couldn’t recall the answer. He was asking me things that I has used in the past, but since I hadn’t used them in a long time, I just couldn’t recall the specifics. It really kinda ticked me off. So I have decided to start kicking my butt back into shape. I am going to start writing some basic programs that stress a full gambit of functionality of a language, not just what I am comfortable with. Time to start using some of the obscure functionality that I have been avoiding.

Enough blogging, time to fire up my text editor!!

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