Summer is coming

So Google’s Summer of Code 2006 is preparing to start up but I am just enjoying the nice weather. I really wish the Summer of Code project was around when I was in college, its a great opportunity to advance Open Source projects, for college students to get some money and get some great experience. I wish I had th time to contribute to some OS projects, but at this stage in my life I just don’t feel I have the time. Someday tho, someday.

My parent’s have been here for almost two weeks now. They are camping about 30 minutes away so we both get little breathers from each other in the evenings. Not that we can’t stand being around each other, but most scientists will agree that long enough exposure to ANYTHING will cause cancer. Its been great having them around, my Dad and I have finished some projects around the house that I have been itching to finish and my Mom helps out with the kids, which is a mini vacation in itself.

I have been using a new framework (CMS) for a few projects at work. Its called Cuyahoga, and I am really enjoying it. Its almost like when I found Maverick.NET. This is one reason I think programming is such a great profession. Usually programmers enjoy hobby programming too, so its a hobby that usually doesn’t cost alot of money, doesn’t take up space in the garage and can be worked on it all weather. Then you can share you work with other so everyone benefits! Yeah, I know I can be a bit of a fan-boy at times.

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