He’s a sharp one that boy!

So last night I smacked the keyboard on my desktop to wake it up so I could do the nightly email dirge and reluctant development of the assorted sites I maintain. The night before was the now infamous brown noise incident I blogged about in my previous post. I ended my post with me being unable to connect to the machine remotely. So when I sat down in front of my computer to work, I thought I was going to have to start up some services that were being subborn. Rather, what I was greeted with was:

Non-System Disk or Disk Error
Press any key to restart

What ever, I thought, I will just restart and the world will be well (a carefully conditioned response to years of Microsoft brainwashing). Hmm, restarting shows the same error. WTF!? Did a disk die on me?? So I crack open the case and check all the connections, everything is snug. Still the same error.

Time to call in the big guns. I pop in my Trinity Rescue CD, crack my knuckles and get ready to rumble. First I fsck the drive, no problems reported, then I reinstall grub to the MBR, reboot still shows the same error. What in the hairy!!! Then, and hour later it dawns on me, I correct the situation and a few minutes later I am happily checking my email in KDE.

Moral of the story? Take the floppy out before you reboot.

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