Using the OBi100 for my home phone

So the plan went like this. I wanted to save a couple dollars a month by switching my house phone to use Google Voice (GV). I didn’t pay much for the house phone and I considered getting rid of it entirely, but a lot of people have that number and I didn’t want to lose it.

I weighed the pros and cons of doing this
– Free
– Manage voice mail online
– Obion software that integrates with the OBi100 is pretty cool
– Can’t use 911 from the house phone
– If the internet/power goes out, so does the house phone

I decided since we basically rely on our cellphones for most of our calling anyway the cons weren’t that bad. I couldn’t directly port my home number to GV since Google will only port mobile numbers. So there are a couple steps in this process.

First off I created a GMail account for the family. I already had a GMail account but I use GV for voicemail, so that wasn’t going to work. Then I created a GV account and let it provision me some random number. I purchased the OBi100 from Amazon. After receiving it, I hooked it up to the internet and a basic corded phone. I went through the setup on the website. I pulled out the trusty Droid RAZR and dialed the GV number. IT WORKED!

Second was porting my home number to GV. I looked at a couple different providers for the absolute cheapest plan and phone combos. I was able to find an old Tracfone and 30 minute plan for $20. I got it setup and working then initiated the number port through the Tracfone website. 4 days later my old house number was ringing on my Tracfone. The second I was informed the port was complete I went to the family GV account and initiated a number port there. One little hiccup was that Google detected my Tracfone number as being an AT&T number and wanted an account number, which I didn’t have since Tracfone doesn’t work like that. I entered the MEID number of the phone, paid my $20 for the port request and crossed my fingers.

That’s where I am currently at. Waiting for Google to complete the port from Tracfone to GV. I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple days.

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