Long day..

I had, what felt to be, a long day. It wasn’t long in the sense that I was working for a long time, simply every thing that I did seemed to take much longer than anticipated and should have taken. I had to drive to Delaware today to talk to a client about an upcoming site I am making for them. The drive was uneventful, the meeting took much longer than I thought (this is a good thing, because we cleared alot up), lunch took a while, and the drive home seemed to last an eternity. In fact, I think I am still driving, err wait, thats just silly.

The house is coming along slowly. It seems that even though we labor to put everything away and rid ourselves of the pestilence of boxes that has been plaguing us since we moved in, it never seems to get a whole lot better. Maybe its like growing, you never really ‘see’ youself growing, it just happends while you aren’t watching..

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