Surprise! Mavnet 1.2.0

A recent email happened into my mailbox yesterday. It seems that the Mavnet crew release a new version of the .Net MVC Framework based on Maverick. I have been using Mavnet for a couple of months for one of the projects I am currently working on. Coming from Java and its plethora of MVC frameworks, using Mavnet felt a bit like coming home.

For those of you that have _NO_ clue what an MVC framework is, here is the short description:

A programming framework is essentially prebuilt code that other programmers can build off of to speed the development of their projects. An MVC framework is a style of application development where the programmer keeps the logic and presentation as seperate as possible. Its a bit more complex than that, but that is the jist.

They released a version compiled with .Net 2.0 also. I haven’t made the dive yet into 2.0, and I probably won’t either until it has some time to smoke out any issues.

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