And it just keeps getting better and better

The current score is: NJDMV: 11 / ME: 1

So yeah, I went to the DMV to get my cars registered, and again I left with out anything to show for my hard work. But wait till you get a load of the reason why.

I left at 11am thinking I would get to the DMV before the lunch rush. (You would think the place is McDonalds) I end up sitting in traffic for an hour on a drive that usually takes 10 minutes. There was a car accident in front of the DMV so they are rerouting traffic. No problem, I can handle this, just be patient and go around. I go around and get to the DMV via back roads. I am in line for registration, the next person called will be me! I can feel it! This time I will get my license plates!! Then the power goes out. Everywhere. Turns out that little car accident was in fact two semi’s colliding, taking out power poles and one spilling toxic medical waste all over. So they have to close everything for a 3 block radius until they get the hazmat team in there to clean it up. So you guessed it, the DMV had to close. And I went home empty handed, again. For the 11th time.

I hate New Jersey. 🙁

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