WordPress 2 and a new house?

Mer and I are going to look at houses, again, this weekend. I firmly believe that we will find our house this weekend. For a couple of reasons: one) All the houses we are looking at appear to be (at least on paper) very nice places; two) We NEED to move, there are pretty regular arguments and hurt feeling where we are at now, there NEEDS to be a change.

I will post some pictures of the place we choose. I won’t get all ahead of myself and post pictures of a place that we haven’t even put an offer in on yet. (Yeah, just like the last place that got swept out from under us)

I created my first Windows desktop app yesterday. One of the Cisco techs wanted something to parse the logs that he continually gets. It goes through the sh tech log files and pulls only what he wants. Its essentially just a bunch of Regular Expressions, but its got a fancy Windows GUI with it. Thank you .NET! I am liking C# so far, the more I use it the more I am liking how easy it is to develop with. Of course, its all only for Windows, so it can’t be that great. 😉

Hmm, so WordPress 2 just came out and I am wondering if I should update or not. I am not even sure I CAN update. For some reason I am remembering that I just updated to 1.5.2 like a month ago. 🙄

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