Here comes another year

Yeah, so if you haven’t noticed its almost New Years. 2006 is right there and I am not ready. I haven’t made any resolutions I have no intention of keeping, and no grand schemes for my life that I have no idea how I am going to accomplish. I suppose my only real grand scheme is to find a house. Outside of New Jersey. Not only is the honeymoon over, I am starting to get a bitter taste in my mouth for this place.

I have gotten to hack a bit o’ Perl the last couple of days and I am having a great time. I haven’t gotten my hands wet with Perl for quite some time. I really enjoy its power. You can make a small script that can do alot. The problem is that it uses alot of special words and formats that are easily forgotten if you don’t do it alot. I am finding myself looking at a reference alot while I am doing it.

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