Working from home, again

Working from is good and bad. If the office is quiet, I get more done there. But as of late its been a friggin warzone, so I am working from the relative comfort of my desk at home. The maximum distraction my two boys can muster is nothing compared to the implosion of cubicles, debate of meaningless topics and other incessant interruptions of the office.

I messed up my Linux desktop a couple of months ago, and I just got around to fixing it last night. In the process I updated everything, now I am sitting pretty with KDE 3.5, 6.8.2, and kernel 2.6.12. I have only been using KDE 3.5 for a little bit, so I haven’t seen alot of improvement over 3.4.2 so far. I will have to check the changelog to see what I should be appreciating. 😉

On an unrelated note, it is freekin freezing in New Jersey!

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