Cairo dock

I just found this little nugget of desktop customization goodness. Its called Cairo-dock, or GLX-Dock, not sure where the name discrepancy came from. Its basically Apple’s dock on all sorts of funky pepsi. You can customize the heck out of it and it just does its thing. I used to use Docky and AWN but after messing with Cairo-dock for a while, I was hooked. It might not be for everyone since it has quite a breadth of features, if thats not your cup of tea, you might try AWN or even Docky for the ultimate in dock usage-ease.

Not only can it serve as a app launcher, it can completely replace the default OS menu bars. Check out the video on the main page of their site for a good example of what it can do. I will post some screen shots of my desktop once I have mine more customized.

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