False alarm

False alarm on the house. We didn’t move fast enough and it got snatched out from under us. If we had only been about 24 hours earlier we might have gotten our offer in first. This market is absolutely nuts, people are fighting each other to over pay on a dump that isn’t worth half of what it is listed at. Back to looking again.

I liken it to two small children fighting over who gets to buy the “last” 5 dollar candy bar. The overweight store clerk (seller agent) looking on happily as one of the pudgy children leaves with his prize of overpriced chocolate, intent on telling his friends about what a deal he just got. The second child will look at the newly stocked candy case to find the same 5 dollar candy bar he was just fighting over is now $5.50. And happily he will produce the money, then go off to tell his friends on what a steal he got.

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