MVC C# and Microsoft, oh my!

Alright, so I am in the beginning stages of developing the first piece in what is to be a rather large application to integrate with Microsoft Small Business Accounting. I have been looking at different options for frameworks, and since I developed in Java for 5 years before coming to the dark side I am naturally looking for a good MVC framework similar to Struts. I happened to stuble across Maverick.NET. I have been using it in a few tests and so far I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like. I have read that it doesn’t lend itself too well to unit testing, and then there is the fact it hasn’t seen an update since early 2003. Now, I can live with the unit testing issue, but there has been about zero activity on the mailing list and no posts to the forum. Should I take this as the project has reached a level of perfection where no one needs to ask questions any more? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I may drop an email to the newsgroup to see if I get any response.

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