The road to CIO, luck required, and no small amount of politicking

Computer World wrote an interesting article on CIO’s that followed a non-typical path to the CIO/CTO position. You can read it for yourself here.

I’ve never made it a secret that I would like to move into a CIO/CTO type position in my future. I never did see myself as a grumpy old architect that had long debates over the proper uses of some esoteric programming technique. This is the reason I have gone back to school to get and MBA, I suppose it would be the more traditional path toward those positions. After reading that article, I am a bit disheartened.

As much as I don’t like to admit it, but the more I have learned it seems that the CIO’s and CTO’s of the world are still little better than bureaucrats. I suppose I had a rather Utopian view of what the positions were like, grizzled tech veterans with decades of development and administration under their belt. The perfect amalgamation of business savvy and tech know-how. It seems, however, that the truth is more watered down that that. Apparently a lot of CIO and CTO are simply business people that “showed an interest” in computers. Wow, I wonder if their Mom got them a ‘puter for Christmas (yes, I just quoted Hackers). It seems what is missing from these poor souls that ‘fell’ into the CIO positions is a techno-lust that consumes most computer geeks. I am open to idea that one must shed certain undesirable traits to become more universally acceptable when bridging the gap between business and technology. Its just a shame that many seem to build the bridge then sit back contently and wave to the other side.

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