Buy music through Banshee!

I live Amazon MP3. They were the first to offer paid, non-DRM, MP3 downloads. So they get my business. I am not really into the indie music scene, my tastes usually run more mainstream, so that invalidates all the little pay-per-download sites that offer a couple hundred songs for download. The first time I go to look for a song and can’t find it will usually be the last time I merchant a site. That just the unfortunate part of the micropayment system. I want to get what I want now, and I am not going to spend a lot of time looking for a product to spend 99 cents. Make it fast, comprehensive and cheap and you’ll have my business every time. Sorry Ubuntu

Aaron Bockover, founder of the Banshee music player/manager, tells us that 100% of the affliate revenue goes to the Gnome foundation if you buy music from Amazon MP3 through the Banshee interface. Read his blog post here.. So, from now on I will be purchasing my music through Banshee. Sorry UbuntuOne music store, maybe given some time you will be competitive, but not yet.

Originally read from OMG! Ubuntu!

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