You don’t know how much junk you have until you move

Here is the situation, I need to move a website running from server A to server B. Server A is starting to show its age and need some upgrades (hard drives, RAM, and OS). I needed to move a very important web site from server A to server B, so we can take down A for an extended period of time. So after using my best buddy rsync, all the files are in place on server B, all I need to do is point all the services that used to point to server A now will be pointed at server B. Easy right?

Try number 1; Rsynced all files to server B, flipped the switch and realized that something was wrong with the SMTP server, and I would need to flip it back to make the corrections. 1 day lost..

Try number 2; Rsynced all files to server B (there are people actively adding files to this server throughout the day); flipped the switch, and realized that I never installed a custom backup program that was running on server A, crap, I can’t find the source, flip it back to do some searching. Another day lost..

Try number 3; Flipped the switch, then found that the version of PHP installed on the new server had some issues with the CMS software, and I forgot to rsync the files over before I flipped the switch, crap! Flip it back to do some research on the issue. 1 week lost while I tracked down the issue with PHP 5..

Try number 4; Rsynced all the files to server B, flipped the switch…waited for the other shoe to drop…crawled out from under my desk and looked around, everything was running, nothing was broken..I am fully up and running on server B now.

I really should have written down everything that was required since I am going to have to move the site back to server A soon…

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