.NET templating

It was decided that the entire intranet needs a face lift. So I am busy filling my time with researching templating schemes and frameworks for .NET to build the intranet off of. It has been anticlimactic to say the least. It seems that in the Windows world, there is a massive rift when it comes to frameworks and anything resembling a community. It seems the community IS Microsoft. When I was developing in Java, there was almost no end to the custom framworks and template schemes. Everything was very open and you had many choices as to how you developed your app. It seems that in .NET-land you have one way, Microsofts way. I guess their thinking is if they didn’t think of it, it wasn’t worth adding support for.

Sure most of the time the Microsoft way is alright, but if you ever decide to strike out on your own you are pretty much going to go at it alone. I guess people are much more protective of their code when they have to pay for every aspect of the development behind it (servers,OS,IDE,Licenses for everything).

I guess I should get to work and start developing a templating framework.. 🙂

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