Crystal Report for VS.NET

I was talking about Crystal Reports in my last post. I thought it was cool, but it looks like I was just wowed by the basic features. I guess I need more than what is offered in the basic version offered in Visual Studio. I think it gives you just enough to make you want more, but leaves you sorely wanting more. So it did its job, I want more becasue the limited version with VS.NET is chafing me with how little it can do..

Looks like DVD Jon is working with Michael Robertson of Linspire in the US now. I wonder if the RIAA or Apple will take the time to try and have him arrested? Even if he is he is excited to be in the US and can’t wait to see Serenity! Speaking of which, I still haven’t gone back to see yet. I will probably take Meredith, she wants to see it too.

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