New laptop & Doom

Well it came. The new laptop I have been drooling over since the company ordered it a month ago. Dell D810, 2Gb Ram 2.26MHz PentM, 100GB/72ooRPM drive, ATI X600, with Bluetooth, all in all not a bad little machine. 😉 Surpisingly, even tho its got more goodies than my old LT, its actually a touch smaller and lighter. I am not complaining, with lugging my stuff around NYC all day, the lighter the better. While the new ‘puter is nice, its been a pain transferring all my stuff from the old computer to the new one, and reinstalling every little utility and program that I have come to take for granted.

Been home the last two days sporting a cold. It hasn’t been particularily nasty just enought to knock me off my feet. I am already feeling better, but then again that could just be the meds talking. During my sudden surge of freetime, I have been playing some Doom3. I must say I am enjoying it, but for all the hype (yeah, I know, like a year ago…), it isn’t that great. You spend the majority of the time in the dark, you can’t make out half of whats going on, the guns are sorely underpowered and umimpressive to shoot and is everyone on Mars made of rubber? Its still pretty amazing to look at, but I spend most of my time in the game gawking at the graphics while some random denizen-of-hell pummels me with fireballs.

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