No seriously

Still in NYC and still hackin away at the same program I was a month ago. This may sound like a bad thing but I have made considerable progress since I started…obviously. 😛

The last month my days have consisted of getting to work as early as possible (I got very sick of staying late), working like a dog for 10 hours then getting the heck out of dodge. No breaks, no walking around, lunch is in front of the computer. When I stand up at the end of the day I have to steady myself ’cause my legs have to remember how to work. I have taken up jogging so my legs don’t atrophy on me. I hate running, but I have lost 4 pounds since I started! Maybe I could market this as a revolutionary new dieting scheme…hmm, this could be big 😀

I slammed my finger int he swiveling arm rest on the bus yesterday, it hurts like the blazes. WWYD? I think I will sue for emotional damage and pain and suffering.

…what would yuppies do?

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