Stilling hackin..

The first release went out, of course they managed to hit on every minor bug that existed during the meeting, but everything turned out alright. I worked a 19 hour day Thursday to get the app polished and ready to roll for Friday. I was going to hit the road right after the meeting so I could go home and sleep but I missed the noon bus and ended up having to wait for the 3pm. So I essentially sat around the office falling asleep while I waited for 3pm to roll around. I took the weekend completely off, I didn’t even crack my laptop open.

Speaking of laptops, I am getting a new one! I guess all that complaining about how slow my current development machine is paid off. A brand-spanking new Dell Latitude D810 with 2GB Ram, 2.26GHz Pentium M and a 100GB 7200RPM drive should speed things up a bit. 😉 Its scheduled to arrive October 12th, I can’t wait.

And to clear something up that confuses alot of non-programmers, in relation to the title of this post. Hackers are coders, programmer and people that hack out code. Crackers are people that maliciously try to manipulate systems to some devious end. Now you know.

On a final note, Mer and I are going to see the Lion King Broadway musical this weekend, should be interesting. And, Serenity hits the theatres the 23rd, if you like Sci-Fi with a bit-o western thrown in, don’t miss this one.

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