Another late day, probably

Tomorrow is the big day. I have to hand off a functioning version of my software to the HR department for them to evaluate. Its going to be really close. I am writing the translation program, its actually going better than I anticipated, that a first. Some of the non-existent relationships are going to have to be manually recreated, most of the other information is going to be there tho.

We are looking at houses in Eastern PA, found some really nice ones too. Beats the heck out of housing in NJ. I honestly have no idea how people afford to live here. Everyone says that once you get over the sticker shock, NJ isn’t so bad. But its more of a sticker shock associated with massive price gouging. We won’t be any part of it. Housing prices in Eastern PA is high by my standards, but not extortionistic. Living there is going to make for a longer commute, but its still better than the other option. I know the ‘Burgh would still welcome us with open arms, I still get emails and phone calls from recruiters.

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