Almost there!

The meeting Wednesday went alright. They were more impressed than I anticipated, which was a good thing since less than half the application worked enough to even show it. At one point I did something that caused it to throw a big nasty error, surprisingly enough they were impressed by that too . . . odd, if thats all it takes I can make programs till the cows come home that just spit out big ole’ nasty errors. 😛

The app is coming together nicely now. It really is a going to be a nice when its done. It leaves the prospect for lots of upgrades wide open too. At the last meeting we were already talking about what they would like it to do in the future. But I had to reel them in from thinking that all those features will be present on the first release. I am working like crazy to get this whole thing done by Friday, cause thats when the stuff hits the fan. Thats when I get to deploy it to the clients testing servers, heh, and try and teach them how to use it. Ought to be an interesting day.

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