Techie toys

I always like to dream of getting the next greatest techie toy. Whether it be the newest fastest processor to upgrade my machine, or some little gadget that will invariably make my life easier by first complicating it a bit…

I indulged myself a month ago and finally got a device I had been swooning over for some time. The device came in the form of a Linksys NAS200. A dual bay networked storage server that does RAID. I promptly bought two 1TB drives and put them in RAID 1.

I sat back on afternoon and transferred all my music, projects and documents to the accessible-at-any-computer-in-the-house network server. After my files finished copying I was using up a paltry 7% of the overall capacity of the unit. Hmm, I had a problem.. I wasn’t flexing even 10% of my new available storage. I had never had this problem before. So here I sit, wondering what to do with all my new power…ehh, space.

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