Twitter et al

I haven’t been able to grasp the attraction of Twitter and…well, thats all I can think of right now. I suppose its really just Twitter that I can’t figure out.

Are people really that starved for good prose that they would scour the millions of feeds in the hopes of finding a diamond in the rough? A small diamond at that.. I think my issue is that I don’t find most people interesting enough to want to read their random thoughts. I rarely read any blogs, and then there were micro-blogs, then micro-micro-blogs, now twitters, soon it will just be the letter of the day. I forsee, LehTTers! And I will begin the fad, here and now

LehTTer feed—


End feed—

There, you have it! Both powerful and moving, yes, its a gift. People can get then via their cell phones, smoke flares, and most forms of semaphore. The idea is available for licensing, I am holding out for offers over 500 million. 😉

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