Wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it

And another late night. But the end is in sight. Most decidedly. The meeting with the client has been set, Wednesday is the day we will be presenting this, emm, well, thingee, to the people that pay us money to develope this, ummm . . . stuff. There isn’t going to be much there, really. For the first round all we are doing is replicating the functionality of their original flat-file HR database. Now, the original HR employee database was amazing hack job that was pulled off by none other than, well, me. Then after they kept asking for more and more functionality, “we” talked them into upgrading the whole thing to a more enterprise class solution. They couldn’t beat the price, just let us keep supplying you with computers and we’ll whore out the programmer to you for free! Did we say whore!? We meant lend, yes, thats it.
I feel so used 🙄

Its late and I will probably end up editing this post in the morning, when I am more rested…oh wait, that only if I actually get to sleep tonight. A sweet retirement, only 30 years away..

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