And yet another late night

Here it is, Saturday night, well, Sunday morning if you want to get all technical, and I am still up and coding. Not because I have some project that has ignited my vigor to spend every waking moment adding glorious code to a project that would end up defining me as a programming. No, its more along the lines of another impossible deadline for clients that won’t care whether the back end functionality is rock solid, only if the text is the right color. No one really knows what the “right”color is but they will know it when they see it and if they don’t see it they will hate the app. Fun, hmm, where is that number for that truck driving school I had laying around here, I might need it soon.. 😛

On a lighter note we went to a friends house for lunch and had an absolutely great time. We haven’t been out with friends since we got to NJ and it was an absolute treat. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just downright nice to get out of the house on a weekend and spend time with friends.

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