SAP and techie-talk

I have been working in IT in one manor or another for over 10 years. Yes, just an infant in comparison to many others, but I have a solid understanding of my field and related technologies. I like to say, “I make my business, my business”. A tad ambiguous and obvious, but I am amazed at how many people in my field (and probably many other fields for that matter) don’t bother to learn more about their profession than what is immediately necessary to complete their day-to-day activities.

Its pretty easy to smoke these people out with just general conversation. As soon as the talk moves to the fringe of their understanding, they shut down completely or babble on with techie-talk that is completely unrelated to what is being discussed. (definition ‘techie-talk’: as with doctor-speak, this refers to sentences strung together with acronymns and topic specific terminology, which to the outside observer is no more comprehensible than infant babble)

Nothing is more frustrating in the IT industry that dealing with another person whos entire career is wrapped up in some piece of proprietary software. Yes, I am referring to SAP. Most software develops its own set of terminology, and with the bigger the software the bigger the base of incoherent babble. When you talk to this person, they are quite used to talking to two types of people. A person who has no technical knowledge, and a person who works in the same field. The first knows nothing, so they speak as if talking to a small child. The second, knows all the ins and outs and the two can babble away and be perfectly understood.

Now, there is a third person that they are NOT used to dealing with and that another technologist who just doesn’t know their particular software. They try to speak as if talking to a child and the third type person ends up getting ticked and reminds them who built the flippin infrastructure their micky mouse software is running on. Then they try to speak as if talking to the second type, which in all reality only makes sense to those that know the special SAP hand shake and can make the $100,000 a year membership dues. In the end both people end up blaming each other for not understanding the other and nothing gets accomplished. At least not until someones job gets threatened, then they make all sorts of progress until the whole process breaks down again.. *sigh

…not that I have any first hand experience with this or anything..purely hypothetical, purely

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