Java gaming

About a week ago I picked up a game that I have been hacking on for some time now. I have never created a game before so this is a as much of a learning experience as it has been a hobby. If you are looking for a some sweet gaming routines and optimized Java gaming code…don’t look at this project. First, I have spend the last 10 years on web apps, so many of the concepts that are standard-fare in desktop apps are totally new to me (ie.a main loop that runs constantly). Second, I have never even attempted to create a game before, so I have nothing to draw from except what resources I can find on the web. Third, I have never considered myself a great programmer, so advanced Java concepts aren’t second nature to me like they are with equally seasoned programmers. Anyway, there is nothing playable right now on my game, just a bunch of tests so I can begin figuring out how to go about creating the actual game.

I started on this game about three years ago. I would work on it for a while then put it down. I was creating everything from scratch with the help of a Java game programming book. But then I found Slick which has greatly simplified creating the game, and take much of the drudgery out of game programming. A big thanks to Kevin Glass for creating Slick

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